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Religious Beliefs in the Afterlife

When a person stops using the body, everything about his or her thoughts, attitudes, personality, and beliefs remains the same. For some, when they leave the body, they retain their religious beliefs for years or decades. The speakers in Leslie Flint seances describe materialist scientists who have died who are still trying to discover how the after they're in is a materialistic phenomenon.

They also describe people who cling to the religious beliefs they held while on the Earthly plane. They have not evolved spiritually to leave the beliefs behind, although Flint's guide, Dr. Marshal, calls these people "not very evolved" and assures us that they will eventually grow beyond the religious beliefs. Some are is groups waiting for the rapture and second coming of Christ when they will be caught up to heaven.

Nellie Wright: Serving in the Salvation Army

Dr. Marshal brought through a woman named Nellie Wright to give the sitters an understanding that some in the afterlife cling to their religious beliefs and only slowly grow out of them. Nellie explained that she is in the Salvation Army, as she had been for decades on Earth, and that she lives with others who are either in the Salvation Army or have similar beliefs. In the afterlife, people find themselves together with others who have similar beliefs.

Nellie explains that she has never met Jesus but is sure he is there on a higher plane. She has no bible because she has it committed to memory, and she has read the chapters of the New Testament that were lost. She and her friends are waiting for the second coming of Christ when they will be resurrected and live in heaven.

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