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David Thompson
recordings: 2006

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Experiences at Death

In the near-death experience, the person is revived and recalls the moments of death. Common parts of the experience include being separated from the body, floating above the body, traveling to other places in the environment, travelling at a high speed through a tunnel, and seeing a bright light.

Those who have died describe the same sensations. They feel separated from the body, looking down on the dead remains. The travel through a tunnel at high speed isn't part of their accounts, but it may be because when the deceased continue into death, it happens so quickly.

The accounts by the deceased allow us to see what happens after the occurances the NDEers describe.

  1. Alfred Higgins describing traveling through space at the time after his death.

  2. Alf Pritchatt describes being drawn to a bright light.

  3. George Bakewell describes floating out of his body and looking down on the scene.


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