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The speakers from the afterlife in direct-voice seances frequently mention reincarnations.

Rudolph Valentino explains his previous
life involvement with Leslie Flint

Rudolph Valentino

Rudolph Valentino had sought Leslie Flint from the other side when Flint was first learning about his ability as a direct-voice medium. Valentino was instrumental in having Flint engage in direct-voice medium activity.

In a seance conducted on December 15, 1962, Valentino described the fact that his eyes had been opened when he crossed into spirit, and he understood that his meeting Leslie Flint after his passing was not due to chance; it had been planned centuries before. He and Leslie Flint had been brothers in a previous incarnation. Betty Green, whose voice is on the recording, had been aware of that and mentions it on the recording.

Listen to Valentino's description of the reincarnation


William, David Thompson's "control"
in the afterlife, talks about reincarnation

David Thompson is a direct-voice medium from Australia who has been holding meetings with a group they have named the "Silver Cord Circle." The group has had a variety of materializations and talks from those in the afterlife.

William (portrayed in the sketch) is David Thompson's "control," meaning that he is the link in the afterlife with David Thompson during the seances. On September 15, 2006, William answered a question about whether a person who dies "before his time" might have been pre-ordained.

Listen to William's description of pre-ordination and reincarnation


Michael Fearon describes previous incarnations on earth and other spheres

Michael Fearon explains that people can view their previous incarnations that were on earth or other spheres.

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