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Queen Alexandra:
We Must View Life Internationally


Queen Alexandra of Denmark

Recorded in 1960

I have come to the conclusion that
we must have an international spirit.

George Woods and Betty Green recorded this session when Queen Alexandra spoke. The text of Queen Alexandra's message follows. Click on one of the icons below to listen to her speaking.


Queen Alexandra:

You know, life is much more than it appears on the surface. I have discovered only too well that the only important thing is to do God's work.

Sometimes we do not always see the opportunity that lies at our very doorstep. Often a man or woman will go far afield and yet if only he could perceive it, the opportunity is within himself and right beside him. In my life I have, of course, within certain limits, been able to do a certain amount for the good of the world, but I realize that if one is to serve humanity, if one is to do the work that will bring about peace, bring about tranquility of spirit and harmony between nations and people, we must, above all things, look internationally, rather than nationally.

The days have gone when one can put oneself or one's own country first. I have come to the conclusion that we must have an international spirit. We must break down the barriers that stand between peoples and nations. We must remember, now that science has brought together all the peoples as if it were that they were under one roof--there's no distance any more, man is living almost, you might say, upon each other's doorstop--we can no longer afford to have these barriers that man has built up through centuries of time. We must learn how to live together in peace, realizing the consequences of war, realizing that now there is no escape for anyone.

Therefore, those ideas of the past when we felt that we could live securely as it were in our fortress island, those days are gone forever. There are no barriers now; there is no form of protection in this life. In other words, man has advanced scientifically to such a degree that he has made life very difficult. And since there is so much fear in the world, one must find a way to eradicate it. One must have faith and trust, and one must see the nations of the world united in harmony and in peace, realizing the consequences of war itself. You would have thought it would have been sufficient to prevent it.

Every man or nation thinking along the old lines--and yet there are those in your world who have not learned the lessons of the past. Wars beget wars, hatred begets hatred, intolerance begets intolerance. We must find the solution to these things. We must try to make man, everywhere, conscious of his inheritance, the inheritance that is by nature his very own, that you are all children of the living God, that there are no barriers, that you are all one, irrespective of class or creed or color or language. No longer can one think in the terms of empires. Today, you must think in the terms of harmony among all peoples, among all nations. In fact, it seems to me that you must now consider yourself a member of every nation, of every race. No longer can you say that you are this or that you are that. There are no barriers left, only what man makes in ignorance and foolishness makes in himself.

You have now a great opportunity, a wonderful opportunity, to form a new conception of life, a new way of life. I feel sure that this fear that rests so strongly upon nations will give way to something which will be very wonderful. I feel within myself that this realization that war is now impossible, for if it were to be it would bring the destruction of all that you know and cherish. I think that this realization of power, atomic power, will in the end bring all men together and fear will be eradicated and love and harmony will prevail. Of course, there will be many difficulties, but they can be overcome.

We would like to see a universal language if that could be brought into being, it will be a tremendous step in the right direction. I do hope that could be tried or brought into being.

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