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Alf Pritchatt's Message

Alfred Pritchatt, a British soldier
Killed in battle during World War I in 1917 or 1918
Recorded April 11, 1960

Alf Pritchatt's account of his death in the trenches of World War I and his descriptions of what happened to him in the afterlife are fascinating, poignant, and revealing. Among the recordings of Leslie Flint's seances, Alf Pritchatt's is one of the clearest and most representative descriptions of the entire series of events that we know occur from the period just before death through the death and settling into the afterlife.

Alf Pritchatt was an everyday person caught up in the mindless terror of war. He describes going "over the top," out of the trench, running toward the German line with Germans running toward him. But he had the odd feeling of not being noticed by the enemy, who were charging past him as though they couldn't see him. He had been killed, but didn't realize it until later. He then describes a deceased soldier he knew had been killed a month before, who came to guide him. He describes his encounter with other soldiers who had just died, and finally his settling in with someone he had forgotten about and didn't realize could be alive.

He is very humble, calling himself "just an ordinary person," and is even apologetic when he assumed George Woods and Betty Green would rather talk with someone important. However, his genuine humility is part of what makes this seance so poignant.

The entire seance is over 50 minutes long. I recommend that you listen to the entire recording. However, I have broken the seance into sections you may listen to one at a time if you are not sure you want to listen to the entire seance. The topics and times for each of the segments are marked on the page you will go to when you click on the "Listen to the seance in segments" link below.

Listen to the seance in segments.

Listen to the the entire seance.


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