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Emma Hardinge-Britten:
Bring Together All of Humankind


Emma Hardinge-Britten
Recorded in 1969

That which we do is
truly greater than ourselves.

Emma Hardinge-Britten was an advocate for the early Spiritualist movement. George Woods and Betty Green recorded this session when Hardinge-Britten spoke at a seance held before a gathering of people at the opening of the York Lodge Redding Spiritualist Church. The recording of her message follows. You may click on the play bar that follows to listen as you read the text:

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Emma Hardinge-Britten:

This method of communication, properly used and applied can do more for the spreading of truth and the bringing together of mankind and the peace that we all seek upon earth than any other form or method. So therefore, my friends, do not be disheartened, though you sometimes are discredited. Go forward in strength. Know that we are with you. And That which we do is truly greater than ourselves. We are but the servants of a greater power. Go forward and know that we are with you always.

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