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William Stanton Moses: Instructions for Developing a Medium Group


William Stanton Moses

William Stanton Moses was a prominent late nineteenth-century British Spiritualist. He was introduced to spiritualism in 1872 and in a short five months reported his first levitation. Sitters in his seances recorded seeing psychic lights of greatly varying shapes and intensity that were most striking when the medium was in trance. They were not always equally seen by all the sitters, never lit up their surroundings, and could pass through solid objects such as through a table. Sitters recorded smelling unusual scents, such as musk, verbena, and new mown hay. A great variety of musical sounds filled the seance room, although the room contained no instruments. In Moses' seances, the sitters observed many instances of direct writing, matter passing through matter, direct voice, and materializations. Moses' famous automatic scripts are known from his books Spirit Teachings (1883) and Spirit Identity (1879).

In this seance with Leslie Flint, William Stanton Moses provides guidance for medium groups and advice for spiritualists.

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