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Queen Victoria:
We Seek True Brotherhood


Queen Victoria

Recorded c. 1960

Eventually there will come a greater realization
of a greater world peace among the nations.

George Woods and Betty Green recorded this session when Queen Victoria spoke. The recording of Queen Victoria's message follows. You may click on the play bar that follows to listen as you read the text:

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Queen Victoria

We are still very, very concerned and very interested in all that transpires in your world, that is from the point of view not especially or only of politics, but from the point of view of the good that might yet come when people begin to know and realize and understand more about each other, when all the barriers that we hope and pray one day may be broken down and truly men may live and dwell in peace together.

How different it is even today from my time, when we had a vast empire. Now many of the old barriers have gone, and many new nations are beginning to arise. They're having their teething problems, but I think that eventually there will come a greater realization of a greater world peace among the nations.

We are all working toward this common aim for the common good. We may not, perhaps, be able to do a great deal, but we do impress and we do inspire wherever it is possible. We try desperately to help in many ways. It is very difficult, but we endeavor to do all that we can. And of course we have a special concern for this country. This is only natural. But at the same time, we see not just England, but we see the whole world as we seek true brotherhood among nations and peoples that they may live and dwell together in peace and tranquility working to do the will of God while yet on Earth.

It will come eventually, though it may seem a long way off. Yet truly I am sure it will come.

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