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Samuel Wilberforce's Message

Samuel Wilberforce
Deacon of Westminster, and Bishop of Oxford
Recorded in 1967

This great world of Earth could be a much happier, much more joyous place in which peace and brotherhood could reign.

Samuel Wilberforce wrote the History of the American Church (1844) and Heroes of Hebrew History (1870), was Deacon of Westminster (England), and Bishop of Oxford. "His unfailing tact and wide sympathies, his marvellous energy in church organization, the magnetism of his personality, and his eloquence both on the platform and in the pulpit, gradually won for him recognition as without a rival on the episcopal bench" (http://en.wikipedia.org/ wiki/Samuel_Wilberforce). In 1854 he opened a theological college at Cuddesdon, now known as Ripon College.

One of the volumes of the English Leaders of Religion is devoted to him, and he is included in Dean Burgon's Lives of Twelve Good Men (1888).

In this seance, Wilberforce eloquently explains why those on the other side endeavor to make contact through direct-voice mediums.



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